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Each year, more kids in the Sponsorship Program pass their primary school exams and qualify to enter secondary (high) school. After secondary school, promising scholars like Jane can qualify for higher education, with increased costs and greater academic demands. Our Stand With Students program was started to help guide young people like Jane on their journey into adulthood.

Jane is 19, the firstborn in a family of 6 children whose father passed away in 2015. They live on the outskirts of Dodoma, Tanzania, and her mother makes a meager living selling vegetables. Being sponsored through Lahash gave Jane the chance to attend school and excel academically. She is now studying Management & Accounting at Moshi Cooperative University.

"I have been a recipient of abundant grace since the time I was enrolled in the Sponsorship Program at Grace & Healing Ministry,” Jane shares. “The SWS program has lifted me even higher! In a few years I will finish my college education and start up my career. Right now, I am focused on my studies, but in the future I want to be an accountant of some organization or a staff member in one of the banks in Tanzania. I would also like to reciprocate the support I have been receiving from Grace & Healing Ministry and Lahash by giving back to the community.”

As the firstborn, Jane carries a lot of responsibility to help her mother provide for the family. Without the job possibilities that education opens up, it would be nearly impossible for them to break the cycle of poverty. But because of the SWS program, Jane isn’t the only one of her siblings looking ahead to future possibilities. “Paul is my follower,” Jane says of her 14-year-old brother. “And as it happens in most families, firstborns bear the responsibility of their younger siblings. So I love him and I always try my best to guide him in the right directions.” Paul (pictured below) passed his primary school exams and was accepted to secondary school in the middle of the pandemic. He is now in his first year at Mbalawa Secondary School in Dodoma. He has to travel a long distance from home to school each day, but has his watchful big sister to encourage him by example.

As Lahash sponsored kids continue to grow as scholars, Stand With Students is growing along with them! With students like Jane setting the pace, it’s no surprise that SWS had more new applicants than ever in 2021, and is set to expand to new locations. “SWS is making a difference in my life by giving me an education,” Jane says. “I am certain my mother couldn’t afford to pay my college fees because her income is quite low. But now, just like students from well-off families, I don’t have to worry about my school needs. The SWS scholarship program is helping me to stay in college and pursue my dream!"

Click here to learn more about Stand With Students and support these exceptional scholars!