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The early months of the pandemic had people everywhere pondering life in unexpected ways. For Lahash staff member Jessica Ebersole, those ponderings led to… child sponsorship! Here she shares a bit of that inner journey that led to a journey around the world this past July.

In 2019 when I traveled to Rwanda, I had the opportunity to visit with my sponsored child, Esther. It was such an absolute joy to meet her and hear her story and see how the support from Lahash was truly changing her life. I did not think it would be another three years before traveling again. In those three years a lot of life happened, including my decision to sponsor a second child. I remember sitting in my home in 2020, unsure of what the future held in terms of Covid, but knowing that I wanted to do something to help the children we serve in East Africa. I figured if I felt so uncertain about life at that time, then vulnerable children were feeling even more uncertain.

Nearly all the kids we serve did not have a way to do school from home. Many of the parents and caregivers lost jobs and had no way of providing income for their families. The children at Albino Peacemakers in Tanzania attend boarding schools because home is not a safe place to be. In Tanzania it is commonly believed that people with albinism are a curse and should not be included in society. Some of the Albino Peacemakers kids are not safe to return home because of threats of abuse or neglect, so the staff open their own homes during school breaks. This works during short holidays, but the long closures due to Covid presented greater challenges.

Knowing that the kids at Albino Peacemakers were really struggling during those first months of Covid, I went on the Lahash website to see which of them still needed a sponsor. I saw Glory’s smile and knew that she was the one. I also noticed that she was wearing a sparkle shirt in her photo. Anyone that knows me knows that I love sparkles! I sponsored her the next day with hopes of someday traveling to Tanzania.

Even as our Lahash team was planning for the July 2022 Conference in Tanzania, we weren’t sure how things would pan out with Covid and summer travel. It really was a miracle that we got there and were able to complete everything that we set out to accomplish – including visiting the Albino Peacemakers kids! When we first arrived to see them it was a bit overwhelming because all of the children wanted to greet us at the gate. But I loved seeing their sweet faces and how excited they were to have us there. A few minutes later, a staff member called the name Glory to lead the singing, and I wondered if she was the one that I had waited all this time to meet. She was! I whipped out my camera to film her confidently leading the group in singing, “I’ve got the joy, joy, joy, joy.” And man, did she ever have joy in her heart!

Later in the day I was able to spend a little time with Glory to give her a few small gifts and talk with her. She walked away pretty quickly, and I wasn’t sure what to think. But she came back a few minutes later and started singing and dancing with me, which is a memory I will treasure for a long time. I just wanted her to know that I loved and cared for her and that I was happy to meet her and see her doing so well. I hope she enjoys the book on elephants that I gave her and that she continues to lead others to the feet of Jesus with her beautiful singing and leadership. I cannot wait to see what God has in store for Glory and her life. I am so honored to be a small part of her story through the Lahash Child Sponsorship Program!

All of us have the potential to change the life of a vulnerable child and allow ourselves to be changed in the process. It really is as simple as Jessica described – there are photos of waiting children on our sponsorship page, and one of them will be a perfect match. Your monthly donation will help to provide holistic care that includes nutritional support, education fees, medical care and spiritual discipleship. You’ll get to follow along with their joys and challenges and grow with them over time! Visit to see these special kids today!