Cathy Blakeman

Over the years Cathy has been deeply involved with Lahash through a number of different roles. Her first involvement came as part of a 9-month Servant Team in Uganda alongside her late husband, Clark, from September 2012 through June 2013. During their time in Uganda they saw firsthand the challenges faced by the young adults who were exiting the Sponsorship Program and struggling to find their next steps in life. Through those relationships, Clark and Cathy developed a mentorship and scholarship program with Lahash called Stand With Students to help students pursue their goals of higher education. Cathy joined the Lahash staff in September 2013 as that program’s director.


After Clark passed away in 2016, Cathy stepped down from her staff position, but remained involved as a frequent volunteer. She now serves on the Board of Directors where her love for the kids we serve and her experience as a staff member make her an ideal fit to help guide the mission and vision. Although Cathy makes her home in Portland, it is obvious that pieces of her heart permanently reside in East Africa, and in the North American cities where her four adult children are pursuing their dreams as well.

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