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Thank you for being a sponsor!

For many sponsors, the financial commitment is the “easy” part, and the other ways of connecting with the child present more of a challenge. Be encouraged! There is no magic formula to being a perfect sponsor, because no such thing exists. Any and every action you take to engage with this child will be received with joy, and will help your connection grow stronger. Our Sponsorship Team is here to encourage and assist you along the way.

Sponsor Welcome Packet

Shortly after signing up as a sponsor, you received a Welcome Packet in the mail. It’s a helpful resource to find information and ideas for connecting with your sponsored child, but it doesn’t help at all if you can’t find your copy! Thankfully, you can access the Welcome Packet online here:

Tips for Writing To Your Sponsored Child

As you write, keep in mind that English is not their first language, so your letters will be translated. Short letters, straightforward topics, and simple vocabulary are best. Here are some ideas:


  • Share a few words of encouragement, or your hopes and prayers for your sponsored child
  • Talk about your family members, including names and ages
  • Describe your occupation or daily activities in simple terms
  • Describe how you celebrated a recent holiday, ask them the same
  • Talk about a trip you have taken, what you enjoyed about it
  • Include a Bible verse with a simple explanation of how you see it relating to his/her life
  • Feel free to ask specific questions, but don’t be discouraged if you don’t receive direct answers. Depending on the age of the child and many other factors… some details just get lost in translation.
  • You can include photos! They are very interesting to the kids, and will be treasured. If the photo is of an activity or holiday, you can use the letter to explain all about it.


We include some stationery and envelopes with the Welcome Packet, but you are welcome to use your own as well. Sending coloring pages or stickers with your letter is also fun!


Prayer is a powerful, instantaneous way to transcend the physical distance between you and your sponsored child. Know that he or she prays for you often! The periodic updates you receive from Lahash will give you specific insights for prayer, and if you would like to sign up for Lahash’s prayer email, you can do so right here. Each week, we send out current updates and prayer requests from our partner ministries in East Africa. Sometimes these requests will be about issues directly affecting your sponsored child.

Sign Up For The Prayer Email

If you have additional questions, or want to help us spread the word about sponsorship, contact the Sponsorship Team.


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