Holistic Care Model

Holistic Care Model

So, what does Lahash hope to offer each sponsored child? Food on the table and school fees: yes. But that barely scratches the surface. Our Holistic Care Model covers the following five aspects of each child’s precious life:

Spiritual Care

We encourage and celebrate children’s faith and growth in Jesus, yet fully respect each child’s unique spiritual decisions. The love offered to each child in the Sponsorship Program is unconditional, with the hope of drawing them toward the perfect love of God. Our partner ministries are closely tied to their local churches, and the program staff lead children in spiritual instruction, times of worship, and a discipleship curriculum. Over and over, we see how the love and truth of Jesus Christ gives children a new inner life that is full of hope.

Physical Care

Our partners work hard to ensure that each child’s physical needs are met, including safe housing, food, and clothing. Nutritional support is offered in a variety of creative ways. Children are encouraged to exercise through sports and play. The treatment of occasional illness as well as chronic disease is crucial for many of our vulnerable children. We also stress methods of disease prevention such as proper nutrition, personal hygiene, healthy sexual behavior, and ongoing care and monitoring of existing conditions such as HIV/AIDS.

Educational Care

Lahash and our partners are deeply committed to the full education of both boys and girls. All children are given the opportunity to attend a local school and gain the knowledge needed to transition to the next stage of life. The students are encouraged and mentored by the staff at our partnerships, and academic progress is monitored. Many children receive practical training in the kitchen, the fields, technology, music, and leadership as they grow up. Our Stand With Students program comes alongside children to help them overcome educational obstacles and aim for the rigors and rewards of the Higher Education Program.

Emotional Care

The children in our programs have experienced trauma and losses of many different types. Our partners seek to understand each child’s story, their struggles, and their emotional needs, and to offer counseling and support as they are able. We ask our partners to maintain a low child-to-staff ratio to ensure each child receives the individual attention that will reassure them that they are loved and cared for. We also encourage opportunities for artistic expression through drawing, painting, writing, dancing, and music.

Environmental Care

As we teach children to care for God’s creation and the communities within it, we are also teaching them to care for themselves and for others. We commit with our partners to being good stewards of land, resources, time, and money that we might mindfully protect, clean, and restore our communities. Depending on their location, children may engage in the planting, tending, and harvesting of garden crops, tending animals, cleaning and maintaining their surroundings, or simply learning to experience and appreciate God’s creation in new ways.

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