How Sponsorship Works

Sponsorship Basics

We hope the information you find here helps you understand the sponsorship process. Once you commit to sponsoring a child, his or her day-to-day life will be changed through the holistic care provided by Lahash partners. You will also have the opportunity to connect with your child through prayer, correspondence, and periodic updates. If at any point you have unanswered questions, whether general or specific, you are welcome to contact Sponsorship Director Katie Nelson at

The Sponsorship Process

How Sponsorship Works - 1

Look at the profiles of children waiting for a sponsor, choose one, and complete the online sign-up process. You will be the only sponsor for that child. The financial commitment is $37 per month.

How Sponsorship Works - 2

Be welcomed as a sponsor. Once you complete the sign-up, you will receive a Welcome Packet with lots of additional information about your unique child, and about the Sponsorship Program in general.

How Sponsorship Works - 3

Let the correspondence begin through periodic updates from your child and from Lahash. You can use the tips and materials provided in your Welcome Packet to jump-start your prayers and notes to your child!

How Sponsorship Works - 4

Treasure the journey of following your child’s development, joys, and challenges. There are no “perfect sponsors” and no ways to predict where the path will lead. Your journey together will be covered in prayer, guided by the love and grace of God.

Our Holistic Care Model

God created all of us for lives of fullness and depth, and that’s what we want for each child in the Sponsorship Program. We want to see them all thrive! Lahash follows a Holistic Care Model that goes beyond the basics to encourage health, wholeness, and maturity in all aspects of life.


“Don’t wait to be the perfect sponsor… an imperfect sponsor still means the world to a vulnerable child.” These words of wisdom come from the family sponsoring Eliya, a medically fragile boy in Tanzania whose life has been saved through sponsorship. 

What Does My Sponsorship Provide?

Our partners serve the vulnerable in diverse settings across East Africa. Each child and each community has unique needs that our partners strive to creatively address. No matter the setting, we are committed to knowing each child individually, and offering them:

  • Access to education
  • Medical care
  • Nutritional assistance
  • Safe housing
  • Spiritual discipleship
  • Compassionate, nurturing program staff
  • Caring and supportive relationships
  • Prayer support
  • Hope

Do you have more questions about sponsorship? To find more answers, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page:

If you’re ready to change a child’s life and have yours changed in the process,
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