Rice & Beans Month

Rice & Beans Month

Each year since 2010, Rice & Beans Month participants have spent the month of March (or the 40 days of Lent) putting love into action through three central themes:


  1. Simplicity: altering our diets to emphasize basic and inexpensive meals
  2. Solidarity: standing in unity with our brothers and sisters in East Africa who have limited resources and inadequate nutrition
  3. Sharing: donating our saved money so that vulnerable kids and their families can receive much-needed nutritional support


By intentionally eating simple foods that mirror the diet of our East African friends, we spend far less than usual on groceries, and we connect our lives with theirs in meaningful ways. In doing so, we disconnect from some of the unhealthy patterns of western culture that can keep us physically full while leaving us spiritually empty. God faithfully uses Rice & Beans Month to satisfy both physical and spiritual hunger through the sharing of a common meal.


Learn more, sign-up, find recipes, and read stories on the Rice & Beans Month website.


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