Shoeless Safari

Safari is the Swahili word for journey.
Safari is also a boy with bare feet in Tanzania.

My name is Casey, and I’m inviting you to join me on a Shoeless Safari to raise awareness for kids in East Africa who need sponsors. Like the boy I met named Safari, many of these kids lack even the most basic needs, and the love and support of a sponsor can make a huge difference in their lives.


Watch this video to meet the boy who inspired me to take off my shoes, and to see how sponsorship can help bring hope into even the most hopeless situations.


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Photos By Will Campbell

When I met Safari in the village of Busoka, he took me on a journey I’ll never forget. I followed him for a mile through dusty fields, over cracked dirt roads, and on rough foot paths. Safari didn’t have any shoes, and when we reached his home, I discovered he didn’t have much of anything. His family was barely even eating. At the time, Safari didn’t have a sponsor, and very little help was coming to his family. It was the saddest place I had ever visited. His future seemed utterly hopeless.


Later, we walked the same mile back—me in my comfortable shoes, and Safari in bare feet. Ever since that day I have wondered what to do with such a haunting experience. I keep wishing I would have taken off my own shoes and walked with him. Instead of simply observing his situation, I wish I would have entered into his story.


So this April, I’m finally taking off my shoes. It’s not much. It’s just one small step in the long journey of walking alongside kids like Safari toward a more hopeful future. This month I’m experiencing much of my life shoeless to remember Safari and raise awareness for many others like him who need the love and support of a sponsor. I’m inviting you to join me by sponsoring a child or taking your own Shoeless Safari to help spread the word.


For $30 a month, you can begin sponsoring one of these kids today through Lahash International. At Lahash we partner with East African churches and ministries to holistically care for vulnerable children.

Take Your Own Shoeless Safari

Today the whole family jumped in on the Shoeless Safari (well, Lucy jump roped in...). Together we walked a mile barefoot to support kids who need sponsors. Sponsor today a #shoelesssafari #mileintheirshoes

Posted by Casey Schilperoort on Saturday, April 2, 2016




Help us raise awareness for kids in need of sponsors. If you’re here that means it’s working! You’ve probably seen my feet (or someone else’s) and it peaked your interested enough to check it out. That is what Shoeless Safari is all about—showing everyone that these kids are worth it. They are worth being uncomfortable for. They are worth sacrificing for. They are worth raising our voices for. They are worth our love and support. So take your shoes off, share some photos, and spread the word!

Here are some ideas:

1. Spend a whole day barefoot.
2. Walk a mile without shoes. #mileintheirshoes
3. Get your family and friends involved.
4. Get creative. Go hiking, or climbing, or biking. Make art with bare feet. Get noticed!

Whatever you do… Take a bunch of pictures and share them online. Use the attention to invite your friends to sponsor a child at


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