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Whether you sponsor a child or not, all of us can make a big impact this Christmas! You can give a life-changing gift that will offer health and hope to children across East Africa. Each gift shown below has the potential not only to greatly impact the needs of a vulnerable child, but to remind them that they are loved and cared for by their Savior. Thank you for giving to these special kids as you celebrate the Christmas season!

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If you’re hungry, you struggle to focus at school. You get sick easily and rest poorly. One meal a day is not enough for a growing child, but for many it is all they have. Because of droughts, failed crops, or simply the effects of poverty, vulnerable children lack adequate food. Lahash provides supplemental meals as part of a comprehensive vision for increasing food security. This gift helps children learn, grow, and stay healthy.



Sponsor A Child


Give a gift that far outlasts the Christmas season. Sponsorship is a gift of hope to a child who feels forgotten. The newest children to the Lahash family are still waiting to be connected to sponsors! Your monthly commitment helps provide holistic care that includes nutritional support, education fees, medical care, and spiritual discipleship. This gift offers a vulnerable child long-term support and the potential to thrive.


$37 / MONTH

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Many children walk long distances home from school, and then help with necessary chores until the sun goes down. Without electricity, they rely on kerosene lamps to complete homework. Lamps and fuel cost money and also release pollutants into the air. But if the family cannot afford lamp fuel, the kids fall behind in their studies. Solar lamps provide clean light to these households at no cost, which can make a huge difference in school performance! This gift lights up the home of a young student so they can stay on track at school.



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New shoes and clothes are impossibly expensive for many vulnerable families. Yet uniforms and shoes are required items for school, so students cannot attend without them. Whether it’s a school uniform or a special outfit, new clothes are a lot of fun for the kids! This gift supplies a basic need, plus lots of happiness and excitement.



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Most of the children in our Sponsorship Program live in very modestly constructed homes. Mud-brick walls break down slowly, or collapse entirely during the rainy season. Holes in scrap metal roofs can only be patched so many times. This gift provides materials like metal roofing sheets, cement, or lumber to make important repairs. Simple fixes make these humble homes safer and help them last longer. There are often tears of joy when children and families receive the gift of materials for home improvement! This gift helps provide materials to keep kids safely sheltered.



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Walking is by far the most common form of transportation in East Africa, so bicycles offer a major increase in efficiency for students who travel long distances to school or vocational training. The time saved by biking rather than walking is time that can be used for studying, helping at home, or rest. The kids really enjoy biking, and it eases their daily burdens quite a bit! This gift increases the efficiency, productivity, and fun of daily life.



Bed & Mattress For A Child


One of the saddest things that our partners see often in the homes they visit is that the children are “sleeping down.” Sleeping mats made of cardboard, burlap, or plant stalks are often shared by multiple children leading to fitful nights. Kids whose health is already fragile get sick and sore even easier sleeping in these conditions. Ironically, when kids receive beds and mattresses for Christmas, they are so excited the first night that they have trouble falling asleep! This gift improves children’s health through comfortable rest.



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Last year, thanks to your generosity, over 150 kids from our partner locations across East Africa experienced Bible Camps that included Bible teaching, games, special outings, worship, and prayer. They ate big festive meals and simply got to be kids. Children connected more deeply to God, to each other, and to the caring adults who attended camp with them. $100 will send two kids to camp, or you can raise $2000 with your church, family, or school and provide an entire camp! This gift helps kids deepen (or begin!) their relationship with Jesus.



or $100 share (sends 2 kids to Bible Camp)

Thank you for giving these gifts to children who need them!

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