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If you are ready to change the life of a vulnerable child and allow yourself to be changed in the process, we would love to introduce you to some amazing kids. Your monthly donation of $37 will help to provide holistic care that includes nutritional support, education fees, medical care, and spiritual discipleship. You get to follow along with their joys and challenges, and grow with them over time!

The kids whose photos appear below are waiting to be matched with a sponsor:
Amaris is a cheerful, social boy. He enjoys playing soccer, drawing, and finding materials to build things (like small houses).

Male / Age 11 / Rwanda
Christopher enjoys drawing, playing soccer with his friends, and participating in the Gospel Choir at his local church.

Male / Age 12 / Tanzania
Paulo is an active, outgoing child who loves to run.

Male / Age 4 / Tanzania
Nawasa likes to eat rice and beans, and her favorite animal is a goat. When she grows up she wants to be a teacher.

Female / Age 11 / Tanzania
Musa enjoys singing and praying at church, playing with his friends, and being creative in various activities. His favorite food is pilau (a spiced...

Male / Age 12 / Tanzania
Photinatus is an active boy. He enjoys playing soccer with his friends.

Male / Age 13 / Tanzania
Baraka enjoys singing, running, and playing soccer, and his favorite food is rice and beans.

Male / Age 7 / Tanzania
Anny enjoys singing, drawing, and dancing. One day, she wants to be a psychologist.

Female / Age 17 / Rwanda
Richard likes playing soccer and running with his friends.

Male / Age 5 / Tanzania
Francis is quiet and polite. His favorite subject in school is math.

Male / Age 8 / Tanzania
John enjoys cleaning the house, playing soccer, and singing in the children's choir at church.

Male / Age 13 / Tanzania
Lightness is an outgoing, playful, and friendly girl. She is also obedient and clean.

Female / Age 10 / Tanzania
Rosemary enjoys playing netball (a sport that basically combines rules from basketball and ultimate frisbee), reading stories, and memorizing Bible...

Female / Age 17 / Tanzania
Eva enjoys reading story books, playing netball (a sport that basically combines rules from basketball and ultimate frisbee), attending church, and...

Female / Age 17 / Tanzania
Faisali enjoys playing soccer with homemade balls. His favorite food is rice and beans.

Male / Age 4 / Tanzania
Kevine likes jumping rope with her neighbors and with her friends at the sponsorship program. She also likes playing soccer, learning about...

Female / Age 14 / Rwanda
Swalehe enjoys playing ball with his friends and reading. His favorite food is rice and meat, his favorite color is green, and his favorite animal...

Male / Age 6 / Tanzania
Rahel is a creative and hard-working young woman. She enjoys attending Sunday school, singing in the children's choir, and reading the Bible in...

Female / Age 20 / Tanzania
Janeth lives with her parents and two younger siblings. She likes to read.

Female / Age 7 / Tanzania